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What is meant by 'The Triangle of Youth?'

For years practitioners 'chased lines' by that I mean, we assessed the face and saw the deep naso-labial lines (lines from the nose to the mouth), so we injected filler into the lines to replace the lost volume.  What we didn't do was consider how these lines came to be there in the first place and treat the cause.  

The 'triangle of youth' is a commonly used term in aesthetics but what does it mean? The triangle of youth refers to the widest point of the face, in a young person this is across the top of the cheeks, with the narrow point of the triangle at the chin.  However in a mature adult, due to the ageing process this triangle is reversed and the widest part becomes the jaw line, with the narrow point at the bridge of the nose.  This is known as the 'pyramid of age.'  This is due to lost volume in the cheeks, fat pad separation and loose skin, all which cause jowls.


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As we age our skin structure changes - our skin becomes thinner, the collagen and elastin breaks down and we lose hyaluronic acid and so we gain lines and wrinkles.  This can happen from around the age of 35.  As we reach 45 bone resorption takes place and the face can appear longer with noticeable volume loss to the cheeks, naso-labial lines (nose to mouth lines) and the corners of the mouth may start to droop causing a sad appearance and people often comment that their top lip seems to be 'disappearing.'

How do we Recreate the 'Triangle of Youth?'

To restore the 'triangle of youth' we need to replace the mid-face volume loss.  By using fillers such as Juvederm Voluma or Radiesse we can create fuller cheeks or increase the volume to the mid face which will re-structure and create a lift to areas such as naso-labial folds, marionette lines and oral commissures.  These areas may still need treated but not to the same extent, as we are treating the cause of the loss of volume.

Allure Aesthetics can help you to regain the youthful look again.  Call or email for a complimentary consultation today.   

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Fillers Glasgow

Dermal fillers are the second most popular non surgical treatment after botulinum toxin injections and are being used for more advanced techniques including cheek augmentation, non surgical rhinoplasty and hand rejuvenation. At present fillers are classed as medical devices although the Sir Bruce Keogh review recommends changing dermal fillers to prescription only medicines which would allow better regulation and monitoring of who is injecting these.

It is estimated that 30 million patients around the world have been treated with some form of hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid fillers are most widely used in the UK and have a very high safety profile. In the UK at present there are approximately 160 different dermal fillers however in the USA less than 10 dermal fillers are actually FDA approved for cosmetic use. Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Belotero are all commonly used FDA approved hyaluronic acid fillers. Radiesse is a calcium hydroxylapatite filler which stimulates collagenesis and therefore lasts longer than a hyaluronic acid filler so is another popular choice of filler which is also FDA approved.

If you're looking for fillers in Glasgow our experienced Independant Nurse Prescriber will answer all your queries and advise you of the product of choice during your consultation.

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Dermal Filler Treatment Glasgow

What are dermal fillers?

The majority of dermal fillers used today are not permanent and consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occuring substance in our body but as we age the amount depletes along with less collagen and elastin production and therefore skin starts to sag and folds can occur.  Dermal fillers help to re-structure the skin and restore volume without affecting facial expression.  Results can last between 6-18 months depending on the choice of dermal filler and the indication.

What can dermal fillers be used for?

  •  to help smooth away lines and folds by adding volume to the skin.
  •  as a volumiser to recontour the face by adding volume to cheeks or chin area.
  •  to enhance, define and add volume to the lips.
  •   for skin hydration to revitalise the skin on the decolletage or backs of hands. 

Does one filler fit all indications?

No dermal fillers are all different densities.  A filler for hydration purposes is much thinner than a volumising filler for cheeks for instance and the results will not last as long. Dermal filler treatment to hydrate the skin will require further treatment every 6 months to maintain the results whereas cheek fillers can last up to 18 months depending on how your body will naturally degrade the product.

What happens in a dermal filler treatment?

After a thorough medical consultation, your practitioner will assess your face and recommend the type and amount of filler required.  A consent form and before and after photographs are taken.  The skin is cleansed prior to treatment and a local anaesthetic cream is applied for approximately 30 mins to numb the area.  Using small injections the hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected into the desired areas and the area is gently massaged.  Results can be seen immediately but I personally feel the best results are seen after approximately 2-3 weeks.  Many dermal fillers contain lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, to ensure the whole procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible.

What about side-effects?

Side effects are not common and many patients return to work after getting treatment.  Some patients may experience a slight redness or swelling which tends to subside soon after treatment.  Due to the product being injected you may experience a slight bruise, but nothing a little concealer can't hide.


At Allure Aesthetics Glasgow we provide complimentary consultations to discuss your requirements and to ascertain your suitability for treatment.  We can assess and recommend what dermal filler treatment would provide the most aesthetically pleasing and natural look to enhance your natural beauty.  Our nurse is highly trained and experienced in carrying out dermal filler treatments and regularly attends training updates to maintain best practice. 


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What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a unique dermal filler made from synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water based gel carrier.  Once injected, the gel matrix augments the volume of the dermis instantly.  Additionally Radiesse continues to work over time by stimulating the production of the body's own collagen, which prolongs the volume replacement over an extended period of time, usually lasting 12 months or longer in many patients.

Is is safe?

Radiesse dermal filler meets one of the most rigorous standards for aesthetic facial injectables and received FDA approval in 2006.  It is well tolerated and no allergy test is necessary.

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