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What are Cosmeceuticals?

What are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals represent a collaboration between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals and are applied topically.  They contain certain ingredients that manipulate the biological function of the skin to improve skin tone, texture, clarity and lines and wrinkles by delivering nutrients essential for healthy skin.  Most cosmeceuticals can only be bought through aesthetic clinics or dermatologists, rather than over the counter in high street stores.

4 Steps to Healthy Skin

1.  Cleanse the skin - Daily cleansing is essential for healthy, hydrated and supple skin

2.  Correct the skin - I will recommend a specialist corrector to treat a wide range of concerns from premature ageing, sensitivity, dehydration and congestion.

3.  Hydrate the skin - To ensure skin stays healthy, hydrated and supple, a suitable moisturiser is required.

4.  Protect the skin - UVA and UVB light rays are the most damaging elements to the skin causing premature ageing and skin damage.  It is essential to wear a sun protection factor daily all year round.

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