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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic condition which affects the skin on the face and is characterised by flare ups and periods of remission.  It affects approximately 1 in 10 people in the UK and usually occurs around middle age in fair skinned individuals, women being more commonly affected, however men often have more severe symptoms.  It initially starts with facial flushing and redness and telangiectasia become more prominent (these are tiny blood vessels under the skin).  Some people also suffer from small red spots (papules) and small cysts (pustules), this is called acne rosacea and may remain if left untreated.  Some people also suffer from eye problems and also thickening of the skin, especially of the nose which is known as rhinophyma (bulbous bumpy nose). The mid face - cheeks, nose, forehead and chin are the most commonly affected areas.  Patients may have some or all of these symptoms. 

What Causes Rosacea?

The exact cause is unknown and although these is no known cure there are medical therapies available to control the symptoms.

Common Treatments

Treatments vary depending on the individual patient and the symptoms they experience and may need to be altered depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Various oral and topical medications may be prescribed to treat the acne and there is now a medication available which reduces the redness.  This often brings the condition under control and then topical medication can help to maintain remission.  Flushing is often brought on by trigger factors eg, spicy food, alcohol, extremes of temperature, stress so it is important to avoid these trigger factors if possible.  Avoid strong sunlight too and if outside always wear a high SPF 30+ and wear a hat too.  Use gentle skin care or skin care specifically for rosacea to prevent aggravating the condition.

To treat the telangiectasia (small red blood vessels) IPL or laser is often used to destroy these vessels but without damaging the surrounding tissues.

 LED Phototherapy is often used to treat the redness of rosacea too.

Should you suffer from rosacea and are unsure of what treatments are best for you Allure Aesthetics offer a variety of treatments from specialist Rosacea skin care to LED Phototherapy.  Call today for a free no obligation consultation.


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