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Everyone wants to maintain their youth, and look young. It's been a desire of mankind since civilisation started. Some people go to extreme lengths - usually involving surgery and other invasive procedures - to stay looking young, vibrant and fit.

Anti-aging treatments have developed in line with advances in and our understanding of technology. However, we don't all have celebrity budgets for surgery but there are some anti-aging treatments available to Glasgow customers.

Botox® (a prescription only medicine) is a popular and much talked about way of treating skin wrinkles. In America, it is one of the fastest growing procedures that people are opting to have, with the UK not far behind.  Botox  ® is actually a botulinum toxin A (a purified protein) is not a recent discovery; it has been around since the 1950s and was first used to control overactive muscle movement. Botox ® works by softening the 'frown lines' on a patient and has been used as a treatment for eye muscle disorders, amongst many other medical procedures.

Botox  ® as an anti-aging treatment has a variable media coverage; the use of botulinum toxin A by celebrities (and sometimes what is perceived as 'over use') has led to some people not supporting it thinking that the face will not register any expressions. When used and administered correctly, the patient can enjoy a successful anti-aging treatment that suits them as the face is simply 'relaxed' rather than muscles being paralysed.

Skin rejuvenation as anti-aging treatments

Skin tightening is a procedure that removes or attempts to reduce sagging skin that unfortunately develops as our bodies grow older. Target areas include skin folds, 'jowls' and skin that 'droops' near cheek bones. This procedure tightens the skin, adding youthfulness to the person's appearance (although it is a procedure that is used by people who have had a dramatic weight loss). Skin tightening at one time involved surgery but now are available through the less intrusive procedure of laser treatments; skin tightening is also available as anti-aging treatment to Glasgow customers at a competitive price.

Skin care products have developed greatly in recent years and there are now more choices of products than ever. Allure Aesthetics as part of its service to Glasgow customers of anti-aging treatments can offer advice on the various products now available. Many skin care products can be bought from high street stores etc. and are safe to use, however many of these products do not penetrate the skin therefore not nourishing it and will not have an impact on the skin to function properly, these products are classed as cosmetics.  To prevent ageing and to counter act sun damage etc a range of cosmeceutical products are required.  These penetrate the skin, adjust the pH and help restore the lipid barrier allowing our skin to function properly and give us a healthy, glowing complexion. Many products will contain chemicals, but natural methods and ingredients are being adopted by skin care products makers too. Initially, the 'one cap fits all' approach seemed to work but the majority of manufacturers of anti-aging treatments now realise that specialised products are required by people with various skin compaints.

Allure Aesthetics offer the number one prescription strength skin care system. The Obagi Nu-Derm system was founded in 1988, developed by Dr Zein Obagi and is the only anti-aging system that suits all types of skin.  Allure Aesthetics also offers a variety of non-prescriptive products and can examine and assess your skin and provide you with recommendations.  Why not contact Allure Aesthetics for further info? 

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