Dermal Fillers Glasgow

Dermal Fillers - your guide to how they work

Fundamentally, dermal fillers are used in a non-surgical way to 'plump'deep lines in the skin. In other words, clients of clinics such as Allure Aesthetics in Glasgow, feel that their skin is lacking volume, causing these deep lines and opt for dermal fillers to treat them.

dermal fillers glasgow

Like Botox®, this 'filler' is injected into certain areas of the face to make it appear healthy and full, as opposed to being sunken.

Why are dermal fillers successful?

The treatment takes advantage of the basic roles and functions of the skin and can also help you to understand the procedure.

Human skin is composed of two layers - the outer layer being the epidermis and the 'under' layer is known as the dermis. The outer layer of skin protects the human body from the harsh outer environment and other factors, controlling the water loss from tissues and cells; effectively the epidermis is a protective barrier.

The dermis, or inner layer of skin, contains the structural elements of the skin, namely the nerves, hair follicles and blood vessels. Protein is the 'ingredient' that keeps the framework o f cells and blood vessels strong.

A major component of the dermis is a substance called collagen. This gives skin the elasticity and strength is needs but, as we grow older, the upper layer of skin - the epidermis - begins to thin, providing less protection to the under layer of skin. Collagen production also slows down during the aging process and the existing collagen becomes less effective.

Less collagen - what happens?

With less collagen being produced, and the collagen that is in the skin being less effective, the skin as a result, wrinkles and folds along with other abnormalities associated with the aging process.

It is as this point that dermal fillers can be at their most effective. Injected into the affected areas, they can act as replenishment for the natural collagen and depending on the quality of the dermal filler used, it can have outstanding effects.

How long do dermal fillers last?

Dermal fillers easily reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as smoothing the skin, giving a welcome youthful appearance. These results from a single treatment can be visible immediately with the overall effect lasting from 6 to 18 months, depending on what filler is used and for what indication. The other benefit to dermal fillers is that they can be used in different ways as you age, giving you a natural looking result.

The result from dermal fillers can be truly amazing; contact Allure Aesthetics for details of their competitive packages.

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