Dermaroller Therapy Glasgow

Do you suffer from:

  • > Aged or sun-damaged skin?
  • > Acne scars?
  • > Stretch marks?
  • > Heavily lined or wrinkled skin?

Many people suffer from a variety of skin conditions, with some people being very conscious of these skin 'defects'. If so, then Dermaroller Therapy from Glasgow based clinic, Allure Aesthetics could be the way forward for you.

But before you take the plunge, you need to know what Dermaroller Therapy is all about.

What is Dermaroller Therapy?

Firstly, Dermaroller Therapy is only available from trained practitioners, so you can be confident you are getting the best. This therapy is a great advance in treatment for people with scarring for a variety of reasons. For those people who have had the treatment, the results are amazing and speak for themselves. Depends on the skin condition and reasons for treatment some patients may require a course of treatments.

The Dermaroller Therapy utilises a device called a 'roller' which contains several finite, medical grade needles that are clustered together. These clustered needles are mounted around the rolling device and when applied to the skin area to be treated, pierce the skin to a depth of around 1.5mm.  It is important to be aware however that home dermaroller kits can be purchased but these have very small needles, only a medical professional can treat you with medical devices which have needles longer than 1.5mm which are required for treating stretch marks or body treatments.

How does Dermaroller therapy work?

It is important to note that it is not a painful procedure which is usually the main concern of anyone who elects to have the procedure, especially when they hear it involved the use of needles. Anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area to be treated around 30 minutes before the Dermaroller Therapy treatment commences.

The idea behind the treatment is to stimulate the skin's 'trauma and wound healing' process. This is created by the use of fine needles on the roller that penetrate the layers of the skin. This in turn, encourages new collagen to be formed, a process that can be ongoing for 6 weeks or more.

Don't be disappointed if you don't see immediate improvements as Dermaroller Therapy is meant to provide a long term solution to badly scarred areas of the skin. The stimulation of the skins repair mechanism means you'll be seeing improvements on a weekly basis, over several months.

Dermaroller Therapy can be repeated after 6-8 weeks, depending on the severity of the scarring and many clients do require several treatments to see an improvement in the skin. Dermaroller Therapy Glasgow specialist Allure Aesthetics will advise you as to the need for further treatment. Generally, it very much depends on the level of scarring to be treated as to whether Dermaroller Therapy needs to continue or not.

What about side-effects?

Thankfully, side-effects are very rare with this safe skin treatment. The needle procedure causes the skin to 'close up' and in the immediate hours after the Dermaroller Therapy application, you may experience redness and a sensation akin to sunburn. This redness and mild discomfort will fade over 24 hours and, in our experience, clients are left with very little redness after this time.

Dermaroller Therapy Glasgow based specialists Allure Aesthetics will be pleased to help and advise you; why not contact us to arrange a consultation.

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