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Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis and is caused by overproduction of sweat in various parts of the body, most commonly under the arms, palms of hands and sole of the feet. Although anyone who suffers from this finds it an embarrassing and frustrating problem, it can be actively managed with fantastic results which patients find life changing.

Excessive sweating is caused by an overactive 'sympathetic' nervous system and causes sweating to occur at inappropriate times and far more than is required for the body to maintain normal body temperature.  It affects about 1% of the population, both sexes and all races.  The emotional and social impact of excessive sweating is huge for the person suffering with many suffering from lonliness, depression and decreased confidence.  Allure Aesthetics offer excessive sweating treatments for Glasgow customers. 

To a large extent, the area affected by excessive sweating will determine the best course of action and treatment. Some excessive sweating treatments which do not respond to other treatments may require surgical intervention. Excessive sweating treatments fall into three categories;

Topical treatments (antiperspirants) - Aluminium Chloride Antiperspirants work by decreasing sweat secretion. Aluminium Chloride Antiperspirants can be bought over the counter in a chemist or can also be dispensed on prescription. Patients apply this prior to bed then wash it off in the morning.  Some people do find this irritates the skin after continuous use.

Medication - different medications can be prescribed including anti-cholinergics, beta blockers, anti-hypertensives or anxiolytics.  Some people have found prescribed medication to have a beneficial effect on excessive sweating.  However these medications do come with a variety of side effects.

Botox® - the only botulinum toxin A purified protein, licensed in the UK for treating hyperhidrosis of the armpits (axilla) is a treatment administered by small injections under the skin.  It works by blocking the nerves that supply the eccrine glands therefore preventing these glands from producing sweat.  Most patients get relief from the condition for 6 months, some the results last longer.  There is no cure for hyperhidrosis.

Allure Aesthetics offer Botox® (a botulinum toxin A purified protein and prescription only medicine) as a form of treatment for excessive sweating. Some excessive sweating treatment Glasgow customers have sought have been for facial sweating. Customers who suffer from this find it an embarrassing problem as it is clearly visible to people. Social situations can be testing as can business interactions. Sweating signals that the person is uncomfortable in the situation and does cause other people to judge the person.

If you tried the easy 'solutions' and these have failed or not given you the desired results you want, then why not explore the idea of botox® here with us at Allure Aesthetics. Many excessive sweating treatments Glasgow customers will testify to the quality of our service; contact us today.

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