How do I choose the Best Filler for Lip Augmentation?

With so many different dermal fillers out there, how do you choose which one is 'the best?'  Do you follow a friends recommendation?  Does price affect your decision?  Do you take the advice of your injector?  With over 160 different brands of dermal filler to choose from it really can be a difficult decision.  Hopefully this blog will help you choose the filler most suited to your needs.

Out of the 160 different brands of filler available in the UK, there are less than 10 FDA approved fillers, this means the product has gone through a strict process to regulate and approve the product is safe to use.  As a practitioner I want a product that has gone through strict approval as my patients safety is the most important thing.  Brand names such as juvederm, Restylane, Belotero have all been approved.  These manufacturers will produce clinical studies and safety data.

What Look are you Hoping to Achieve?

Many patients want a natural enhancement, the most common phrase I hear is "I don't want a trout pout" ie, unnatural look.  The main consideration is the natural shape and size of a patients lips and what their side profile projection is as this will determine how much product is required and where it is required to be injected.  Also in the mature patient the surrounding tissues may be compromised so filler may be required to treat peri-oral lines (smokers lines) or oral commissures (down turn of the corners of the lip and hollowing below this area) to create structure prior to treating the lip area.  Another consideration is the duration of the product.  Products like Juvederm Volbella have clinical studies suggesting the results should last approximately one year, however many of the other products last approximately 6 months depending on each individual patient.

As a practitioner safety of the product is my first choice and I always use FDA approved dermal fillers.  I choose products containing lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic as it makes the procedure more comfortable for my patients, I want a product that lasts and provides great results and is nice to inject.

My Personal Choice

For a more natural lip enhancement I like Juvederm 3/Smile or Juvederm Volbella.  For someone looking for more volume Juvederm 4 or Juvederm Volift provides excellent results.  Many clinics use other fillers and this depends on the practitioners choice.

Should you wish any more information on lip augmentation, call the clinic on 0141 882 0027

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