Dermaroller Therapy  is the most amazing, advanced treatment with fantastic results.

Dermaroller  (Pronounced derma roller) is a micro-needling treatment for skin rejuvenation, pigmentation and sun damage and can significantly improve the appearance of

  • Acne scars or burn scars
  • Aged and sun damaged skin
  • Facial and decolletage lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch marks

How Does it Work?

The dermaroller medical device is used to produce thousands of micro needle-columns into the dermis of the skin, these close rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly - often in the same day.  Your body then starts to naturally regenerate and repair the skin.  This takes time as new collagen is formed, new skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced.  This process can take up to 6 weeks before visible signs of repair are seen and will continue over .the following months creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger looking skin.

Your practitioner may recommend a course of 2 to 3 dermaroller procedures at approximately 6 week intervals.  Some conditions may require more treatments

What Can I Expect?

Prior to a dermaroller treatment, a topical anaesthetic is applied for 30 mins to numb the skin making the procedure more comfortable.   The procedure itself takes approximately 30mins then Chiroxy Cream is applied to soothe and calm the skin.  If you will be in daylight after the procedure a high sun protection factor is applied.  The area treated looks like moderate sunburn and your skin will feel warm and tighter than normal and this will subside after 1 to 2 hours.  The following day only a slight redness may remain.

Before and After Photos

Acne Scarring

Acne _scarring

Ageing, Sun Damaged Skin

Ageing _sun _damaged _skin

Pigmented Skin

Pigmented _skin

Stretch Marks

Stretch _marks

Where We Can Help

Allure Aesthetics provide dermaroller treatments to customers througout Glasgow and the Greater Glasgow area.

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