Sclerotherapy  is a very successful treatment for removing thread veins and spider veins in the legs.  Thread veins or spider veins are superficial blood vessels under the skin, often red or blue in colour and are often seen in clusters and sometimes mistaken for a bruise.  Both men and women are affected by these but predominantly women. 

These can be caused by many factors such as

  • hereditary
  • caused by extremes of temperature
  • trauma
  • pregnancy

What Can I Expect?

Sclerotherapy is performed using a very fine needle and an irritant solution is injected into the veins, this damages the vessel wall causing them to collapse.  The body slowly reabsorbs the veins and it can take up to 3 months to see results and will continue for up to one year.  Initially the vessels will darken in colour and this is perfectly normal.  Depending on the extent of the thread veins further treatments may be required at 3 monthly intervals.  The thread veins that are injected will disappear but new ones may replace them to the future.

Following treatment it is advisable to wear support tights or garment for 7 days.

A course of 3 sclerotherapy treatments may be required depending on the amount and severity of the veins.

Before and After Photos

Sclerotherapy Before And After

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